Conference support

We organize conferences in all regions of Slovakia. Most opportunities for conferences are offered by the city of Bratislava, where we are very strongly positioned. We will provide you with a „complete solution“ – from accommodation through catering, transportation, technical support, cultural program to anything else what a memorable event requires.

The most requested services include the following:
– Organization of seminars, training courses, conferences and other events
– Corporate teambuildings
– Complete tailor-made programs
– Sports and folklore activities organization
– Accommodation of individual guests and groups
– Conference rooms selection and rental
– Audio-video equipment
– Catering
– Hostesses
– Transfers from/to airports and other transportation
– Tours and tailored leisure time programs
– see: www.tour4u.sk

See also DMC service and additional services for more information.

DMC (Destination management company)

Hrad BAAre you going to a new, unfamiliar city and you do not have the necessary information you need to enjoy  your time in the city/country, to get the most from your stay? Need information about the places to visit, the options that the city/country offers you. Suffice only one reliable person who is available anytime during your stay. We are a company operating in the incoming tourism market for 16 years. Products and services we provide are based on long experience and know-how we have acquired during the years. We guarantee our clients accurate and reliable information which enable any individual to try the most of life in Bratislava/Slovakia, in any direction. We provide you with information tailored to your needs, interests and desires.

Local folklore, special food and drinks, unique attractions, pleasant guides, quality transportation, pre-checked availabilities of special sights, hidden treasures of the land – all of this and more comes into an amazing experience to be remembered for long. Consult with our experts operating in the incoming tourism market for 16 years. Products and services we provide are based on long experience and deep know-how in various topical areas of programs logically structured. We guarantee our clients objective and reliable information, which provides everyone with more than expected from this special destination.

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We offer additional service for your event:

servicesOnline registration and reports:
Based on years of experience with online registrations, we can provide a simple registration system for your event participants designed according to your wishes. In addition, we provide you with instant reporting on participants’ statuses. Collection of data and post-evaluation reports available.

Concierge and specials:
During your event, our team can print, deliver, distribute  and take care of documents, photos, presents, special suprises, umbrellas, as well as collect feedbacks… down to necessary details.

Air tickets, boarding passes for ships, transport by bus / minibus / limousine or passenger cars. Bikes, speedboats, helicopters are ready too.

Portfolio of senior and junior consultants on project management is ready to assist you any time throughout. Please, ask for free initial consultation!