servicesWe offer additional service for your event:

Online registration and reports

Based on years of experience with online registration system, we can provide a simple registration system for your event participants designed according to your wishes. In addition, we provide you with instatnt reporting on participant’s statuses. Collection of data and post-evaluation reports available. Concierge and specials During your event, our team prints, distributes, delivers and take care of documents, photos, presents, special suprises, umbrellas, as well as collects feedback… down to necessary details. Air, naval and ground transportation We can provide air tickets, boarding passes for the ship, or transport by bus / minibus / limousine or passenger car. Bikes, speedboats, helicopters are ready too. Consulting Are you going to organize an event for the first time or you do not have the necessary information? We can help you to tailor-made you event and make you feel comfortable. A senior consultant on project management is ready to assist you any time troughout. Please, ask for free initial consultation!